iPad Protection is Crucial

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  iPad Protection is Crucial                                                                                                                 By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=John_J_Peterson]John J Peterson

The iPad has been released and consumers are excited to get their hands on this new device. The iPad is a device between a cell phone and a laptop and is said to be revolutionary. Consumers reviewing this device are looking forward to replacing textbooks, newspapers, paper books, and other non digital media that they can now carry around with them on s small, convenient reading digital pad. The issue is that the iPad will be traveling with people everywhere and will be susceptible to everyday wear and tear. The key to keeping the ipad protected and looking sleek with it's beautiful appearance is covering it with good quality screen protectors and cases.

Cases are of the utmost importance for the new iPad. Consumers are looking for sleek cases to keep the device slim and beautiful looking. Many companies are offering cases that look like laptop cases and have a bulky appearance. This contradicts the whole idea of owning an iPad vs. a Laptop. Slim is better. New Silicone (rubber) cases are being made to provide optimal protection against every day use. Why even buy an iPad if you still need to carry a large bulky case. Consumers want to be able to slide it in and out their purses,bags, or pre-existing carrying cases. Good quality silicone cases seem to be the top choices for the iPad. There is a company called Accessory Geeks that specialize in affordable

silicone cases.

The silicone iPad case will protect the body, but it has also been recommended to purchase some sort of invisible screen protector. Do not buy a cheap screen protector. These screen protectors will do nothing for the consumer except make the screen look worse. I have purchased cheap screen protectors and I could not even get them on my iPods. I went to a local Best Buy and bought a good screen protector for my iPod Touch and it was easy to adhere and looks beautiful. I spent quiite a bit more on the better quality protector but it was worth it.

There are many companies offering screen protectors for the iPad but only a few companies that have good quality products with decent prices. One in particular is a company called ZAGG. They have a screen protector called the Invisible Shield and there are many tests showing the effectiveness of the high quality of their product. One of the product demonstrations shows an electric sander sanding the shield resulting in no scratches. Another demonstration showed an iPod (with the Invisible Shield) in a jar full of screws, nails, and bolts being shaken to high heaven. The iPod was taken out with no scratches (of course the iPod as also protected with a silicone casing). One final demo was a person taking a key a trying to scratch the Invisible Shield of the iPod. Of course, scratches. These demo's were very convincing and the customer reviews also reinforce that the Zagg makes a good product and is highly recommended for your new iPad.

For more information and demonstrations on screen protectors, visit;   rel=nofollow http://www.ipadprotector.blogspot.com

Electronics and technology is an obsession of mine. I love writing, reading, and reviewing on technology and especially new releases. Having 2 kids and doing a lot of traveling with all my electronic devices, one of my passions is educating consumers on protecting their pricey electronic purchases, especially the iPad. You can visit http://www.ipadfullprotection.com for more protection information.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?iPad-Protection-is-Crucial&id=4057999] iPad Protection is Crucial 

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